Boom, Bust & Echo 2000

Profiting from the Demographic Shift in the New Millennium

by David K. Foot
with Daniel Stoffman

A fully expanded, updated and illustrated millennium edition of the national best-seller.

Boom, Bust & Echo was the national phenomenon that demonstrated the power of demographics to help us understand the past and forecast the future. Now Boom, Bust & Echo 2000 reveals Canada's demographic profile at the turn of the century when a new population shift will have profound implications for our economic and social life.

"Seldom is a book published that becomes required reading for just about everyone - business executives, entrepreneurs, policy makers, politicians, planners and educators ... It's a course on the importance of demographics and how the patterns they reveal can be capitalized on by forward-thinkers." - Marketing Magazine
"If you own a bicycle helmet you might want to wear it while you read [this] engaging study... Otherwise you could give yourself a headache as you periodically slap your forehead and cry out, 'Now why didn't I think of that?' " - Edmonton Journal
Table of Contents
Introduction to the New Edition
  • A new demographic shift has profound implications for Canadian economic and social life in the new millennium.
Introduction: Two-Thirds of Everything
  • Demography, the study of human populations, is the most powerful tool for understanding the past and forecasting the future.
Chapter 1: Boomers and Other Cohorts
  • Why your year of birth is one of the most important things about you.
Chapter 2: The Real Estate Meltdown
  • Why the real estate boom happened, why it ended, and what the future holds for homeowners and investors.
Chapter 3: Investing for the Long Term
  • For investors with a long term perspective, demographic analysis reveals which areas of the economy will enjoy the most growth and which investments will be most likely to succeed.
Chapter 4: Jobs and the Corporation
  • How the demographic shift is transforming the corporation and the nature of work.
Chapter 5: The New Rules of Retail
  • The arrival of the echo generation into its spending years creates a more complex retail environment. But, because of the power of the boom, stores offering quality and service will continue to prosper.
Chapter 6: Tennis, Anyone?
  • Which leisure activities will grow in popularity and which ones won't.
Chapter 7: Urban Renewal
  • How demographic change affects urban development, transportation choices, and the crime rate.
Chapter 8: Rethinking Education
  • Why failure to adapt to demographic change inflated Canada's education costs and how we can avoid repeating the same mistake.
Chapter 9: Health Care at the Crossroads
  • Canada's health care system needs major reconstructive surgery to adapt to the needs of an aging population.
Chapter 10: What's a Family?
  • How demographic change is transforming family and other social relationships.
Chapter 11: An Older, Wiser Canada
  • How Canada can survive and prosper in the coming "grey interlude".
Appendix I: Demographic Forecasting
  • How demographers think about the future.
Appendix II: Product and Activity Forecasting
  • How to forecast just about anything.