Boom, Bust & Echo

How to Profit from the Coming Demographic Shift

by David K. Foot
with Daniel Stoffman

More than 100 weeks on the Globe & Mail best-seller list. Over 250,000 hard cover copies sold! Number one nonfiction best-seller in Canada in 1996 and 1997.

Demographics is the key to understanding the past and forecasting the future. From financial planning to urban planning, David Foot shows us how to track the trends that will have a profound impact upon our lives.

The boomers, the busters, and the echo generation: discover the nation's future - and yours - in demographics, the simple but highly potent tool for understanding the past and foretelling the future, by Canada's foremost expert. What are the best investments? Where are the new business opportunities? What will become of our cities? What are the prospects for real estate? The job market? Education? Health care? Foot and Stoffman provide answers in a book full of arresting insights and practical ideas.

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Table of Contents

Introduction: Two-Thirds of Everything
Demography, the study of human populations, is the most powerful tool for understanding the past and forecasting the future.

Chapter 1: Boomers and Other Cohorts
Why your year of birth is one of the most important things about you.

Chapter 2: Real Estate Meltdown
Why the real estate boom happened, why it ended, and what the future holds for homeowners and investors.

Chapter 3: Demographic Investing
How to identify the growth markets of the future.

Chapter 4: Jobs and the Corporation
How the demographic shift is transforming the corporation and the nature of work.

Chapter 5: The Rules of Retail
Why stores that offer better quality and service will do better than stores that compete solely on the basis of price.

Chapter 6: Tennis, Anyone?
Which leisure activities will grow in popularity and which ones won't.

Chapter 7: The Future of Cities
How demographic change led to growth of the suburbs, caused the decline of public transit, and altered Canada's crime rate.

Chapter 8: Rethinking Education
Why failure to adapt to demographic change inflated Canada's education costs and how we can avoid repeating the same mistake.

Chapter 9: The Health Care Crunch
As population aging brings increased pressure on the health care system, reform becomes urgent.

Chapter 10: What's a Family?
How demographic change is transforming family and other social relationships.

Chapter 11: An Older, Wiser Canada
How Canada can survive and prosper in the coming "grey interlude".

Appendix I: Product and Activity Forecasting
How to forecast just about anything.

Appendix II: Demographic Forecasting
How demographers think about the future.