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David K. Foot, Professor, Department of Economics at the University of Toronto, is co-author of the best-selling books Boom Bust & Echo: How to Profit from the Coming Demographic Shift* and Boom Bust & Echo: Profiting from the Demographic Shift in the 21st Century**. These books reflect his research on the relationships between economics and demographics and on the resulting implications for both private and public policies.

Following his undergraduate degree in Australia and his doctorate in economics from Harvard University, Professor Foot’s research involved projections of the Canadian economy. Subsequently, he focussed on Canada’s declining population growth and associated population aging as one of the fundamental and often neglected determinants of the challenges to economic performance and policy. His research has resulted in contributions to a variety of specific fields such as marketing, human resource planning, corporate organization, saving and investing, housing, health, education, recreation and leisure, unemployment, migration, government expenditures, and intergovernmental relations. A number of these themes are explored in two of his previously published books, Canada’s Population Outlook: Demographic Futures and Economic Challenges and, with Blossom T. Wigdor, The Over Forty Society.

In addition to academic writings and contributions to professional journals and to the popular media, Professor Foot’s work in the area of public policy has included research and submissions to many provincial and federal government commissions and numerous consulting and conference assignments for both private and public organizations.

He is a recipient of one of the national 3M Awards for Teaching Excellence and is a two-time winner of the University of Toronto undergraduate teaching award.

*Entre le Boom et l’Écho : Comment mettre à profit la réalité démographique, Boréal

**Entre le Boom et l’Écho 2000 : Comment mettre à profit la réalité démographique à l’aube du prochain millénaire, Boréal